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8th November 2010

shevelura_com2:44pm: Окрашивание Organic Colour Systems
При покупке комплекса услуг Organic Colour Systems в студии красоты Shevelura Вы получаете скидку в размере 2 100 рублей.
В комплекс услуг Organic Colour Systems входит: spa уход для волос, окрашивание волос в один тон и стрижка.
Стоимость комплекса с учетом скидки:
для коротких волос - 5 000 рублей
для средних волос - 5 500 рублей
для длинных волос - 6 000 рублей

Organic Colour Systems – лучшая альтернатива всем существующим сегодня на мировом рынке красителям. Organic Colour Systems – органическая стойкая безаммиачная краска, которая на 95% состоит из натуральных ингредиентов.

Меняйте цвет Ваших волос так часто, как захотите! Волосы больше не страдают!

Студия красоты Shevelura
+7 495 979 48 78

24th June 2010

keepyourguns9:50am: [12] The X-Files
[72] Lady Gaga
[12] Grateful Dead

{{[[ you know that i love you]]}}
Comment & Credit :)

1st July 2009

movehalfaninch3:11pm: All Ages Dance Party in NYC on July 5th
It's all ages, open to the public, and all you have to do to go is click here or email rsvp@sundayschoolnyc.com

Das Racist and Team Facelift are performing live.

There's also a facebook page for it.

21st July 2008

spoonfed_london2:36pm: Calling all London it girls and socialites
Hello ladies,

Just wanted to let you know about Spoonfed.

Be the mover and shaker of your friends by joining us!


25th June 2008

Hello guys!

I want to invite you to become a member of a brand new board dedicating to everything lifestylish like fashion, beauty, living & especially diets. You have the chance to be one of the very first users!

Please visit & join:

I didn't find a word against advertisement in the community rules. If I overlooked them, I have to apologize.

10th June 2008

hhowlpendragon11:13am: hey eberyvody check out thiz site
There's only 52 spots. Join thedeckofcards today!

9th April 2008

ophelias_fate10:37am: new community
glittercupcakes for everything girly, cute, fashion and art related

**sorry if this isnt allowed***
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24th November 2007

dvsdetroit2:55pm: Visions of Zentai from the Exotica 2 Expo
As some of you have previously read, I held a little photography session with 10 models
in Zentai bodysuits at the recent Exotica 2 Expo in Detroit...and here are the results:

"Zentai Taikai" - I saw a small sea of bodies in this image flowing about one another so
the title translates from Japanese into "Covered Ocean".

"Zentai Hejira" - I saw an exodus of beings from within darkness towards light. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the
Japanese word for "exodus" so I decided to use the Latin "hejira", which means a flight from an undesirable place.

Special thanks to models Amadeus, Chrissy, Dika, Elys3, Farril, Jade, Kajira, Libertine, Siddella and Sparkillz.

Comments/critique/praises welcome...

MM: 10155 OMP: 8294


18th November 2007

pont_james_pont9:37pm: he needs you!

16th September 2007

yourgirl1110:58pm: great deals!

11th September 2007

been_poisoned8:53pm: LJNTM

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
1topmodel, ljntmpics, and don't forget to check out our official website.

1topmodel is Livejournal's longest running Top Model simulation community.  With three years under our belt, LJNTM is intended to give young men and women with an interest in fashion, modeling, and photography an outlet for their many gifts and talents, a way to build up their budding portfolios, and a great way to gain friends with the same interests.

ljntmpics is a catalogue of all of the models starting from cycle four on up, and is also where all of the model's portfolios are kept.

10th July 2007

There’s a new community opening this week on Live Journal: style_fresh is a place where people can express themselves through their love of fashion, music, art, etc. Basically a place to show your personal style to others. Please join if you feel interested!

7th June 2007


Credit for the above icons goes to dirrty_degree join today!

17th April 2007

bring_sexyback7:27pm: Hey Britney and Justin fans! There's a community waiting just for you... check out pinky_n_stinky today!!!




21st March 2007

dvsdetroit9:58pm: New visions of Siddella - Transcendence Series (Artistic Nudity Warning)
It's been a while since I've sent new session updates, but I "have" been shooting...so here are the latest sessions with Siddella that begins a new series requiring definition...Transcendence. On appearance, some of the images may appear simply as gore, kink or something darkly sinister. But, as with life, simplicity can be deceptively complex and appearances can mask the true essence of self. This series represents transcendence beyond boundaries perceived by mortality, emotion and anima. Light from darkness...love beyond death...life above pain...the beginning within the end. (Note: The last image "Absolution" was featured at Dirty Show 8 in Feb 2007)


24th January 2007


Click the graphic and check us out today!

13th January 2007


1st January 2007

owlmuffin6:59pm: Fine tuning leads to radio silence

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